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agave Plant thick base to thin end


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I'm trying to make agave plants, where the 'leaves'  have a thickness at the

base and then taper off to be quite thin. Any chance of getting a 'shell' modifier

with a falloff curve for leaves? 


And perhaps a curved transition for the 'Angle Across'.


For now, it seems the best way to make an Agave is to use Max's Loft

modifier with a cross section applied to a few splines. 


By the way...I'm very happy with this plugin...Cheers!


- Zenith


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That would be a great addition. Leaf thickness isn't really possible at the moment. In order to do this I currently model in GrowFX, and then add a shell modifier to the top of the stack, but you have a pretty limited amount of control. 


I donated an agave a while ago to the user libraries. It may not be working though. I will try to re-upload a more current one.


Have fun :)



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