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2 Sided Leaves for Game style--low poly trees

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Hi Eduard,


Just wondering if it's possible to implement a new feature to make it possible for the leaves mesh & the standard leaves mesh to create a 2-sided leaf???


Could it be as easy as having the GrowFX object duplicate the leaf & just Flip the normals?? As usual, I know nothing about programming :(


Many 3D game engines still require 2 sided polygons & it's really slow & painful to have to manually do this. You need to duplicate the entire GrowFX object, then turn off all the mesh creators except the leaves, then put a normals modifier on it, then do a edit mesh modifier on the original tree & attach the other mesh with the leaves that have flipped normals.

As you can see it is quite a long process that could be completely removed by having a simple button/check-box that creates the duplicate leaf & flips the normal.

I think this would make GrowFX much more user-friendly & much faster for people making trees/plants for games/low-poly.




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Thanks so much again Eduard for you amazing speed in adding new features! :)  GrowFX is truly incomparable.

I would love to try it out!


Thanks again


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