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Graph Speed Bug & Crash


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Using GrowFX version 1.9.8 SP2 on Max 2014 also on latest SP I get this strange bug (and crash afterwards)


1 - Open a Graph (a curve graph) and change the position of the points on the Graph (or the handles). The graph points move WAY faster than I move my mouse! They get out of the screen pretty fast and it's impossible to make adjustments.


2 - A little time later, Max crashes right back to desktop :)


This is happening with the simplest scene! Just a trunk and one branch!



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As I was informed, this bug appeared in version 1.9.7, accordingly, in version 1.9.6 is no any problems. Moreover, we found out about it after the release of version 1.9.8. This bug doesn't occur on our machines, as well as many of our customers. But for some, this problem is appears (as you, for example), so it's very difficult to find and fix...


Later today I can send you a new update, and you can check out. As far as I know, crashes no longer occurs. Just email me, what is your 3ds Max version?



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Just tested the latest version (SP3) and the bug is still there. I think I can reproduce it.


1 - on any graph, select a node and on the lower part of the graph window type a value for that point.


2 - zoom out the graph clicking on the "zoom vertical extends" and "zoom horizontal extends". Now move the points again, they will move faster than normal and Max will crash.


It's not guaranteed that the bug will happen, but everytime it did happen I was messing with the graph!

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Never though about that 3DMK. Interesting... I have a GForce 780 GTX, any suggestion on video driver?


Can you check in different GrowFX versions? I'm interested that you check for GrowFX 1.9.7 and 1.9.6, you can download them also from the client area.
If some of them don't have this problem, I think the video driver has no relation...
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