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Orienting all flowers to the same direction

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I have some plants animated growing where flowers appear at the end. I have 5 instances of the same growfx plant. They are using randmom direction modifier in direction window. At the end of the animation I need all flowers to orient to one and the same direction. How do I do this ? I've tried vector direction using a target point but this does not work. 


Just to add that I need the change in direction to be animated.


Any help appreciated.

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What I need is for all the flowers to animate normally (and randomly), facing different directions. I then need them to animate to face the same direction...I don't want them to all face the same direction from the start.


Edit: So basically an animated transition from random direction (at the end of the growth animation) to a single direction  (as if all facing the sun for example).

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You can create an Affect from the Trunk->Parameter: Length to the Trunk->Vector_dir_01->Strength.

See my example: Sunflowers_2.max

I also created growth animation for the trunk length from 100 to 600mm. And the flowers turn to the sun within trunk length from 400 to 600mm, see the Source parameter range values in the Affects rollout. That is, when the trunk length is less than 400mm, the flowers will be directed to random directions.



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