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GFX Plants 101


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GFX Plants 101 is a collection of realistic 3d models of coniferous trees for 3ds max and GrowFX 1.99.
You can tweak or animate many parameters and receive desired shapes and animation. Use ready 3d plants from library or make your own variations in GrowFX, adjust height, density, style and so on, tweak wind speed, plant flexibility and make looped wind animation. 3ds Max 2017+ and the latest version of GrowFX 1.99 SP11 is required.


GFX Plants 101 includes
-Larix decidua variations
-Picea abies variations
-Picea pungens variations
-74 different plants
-Over 200 plant’s variations for different seasons
-PBR shaders for Corona, FStorm and V-Ray
-High resolution 4K textures
-Integration with Forest Pack library

GFX Plants 101 has 2 versions:
-GrowFX version (ready for animation)
-Meshes only version

GFX Plants 101 release date is 1st of May. Now GFX Plants 101 is available for pre-order with 20% Off before 1st of May.


Pre-order GFX Plants 101 (GrowFX + meshes) - 150 €


Pre-order GFX Plants 101 (only meshes) - 100 €



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