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GrowFX mentioned in Alex Roman's new book


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I was just looking through my new copy of the Third and the Seventh 'making of' book by Alex Roman (arrived today.)  Reading through the nature section they mentioned that one software package can generate natural transitions from trunk to bough.  The book had a brief, pretty positive review of GrowFX and commented on the 'exceptional internal wind module.'  No other tree design packages were mentioned.


Anyway - thought it was cool to see that!  *Goes back to reading the book*



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Yeah it's a great read.  Definitely worth it.


One thing he brings up is the method of using just a few unique VRayProxies for the last branches in the tree system (and the leaves of course.)  Since this is where most of the polys are it makes things a lot more efficient.


It would be cool to see a feature where you could choose within a GrowFX Path or Mesh Builder to 'repeat' only about 4 iterations of a given last branch and leaf system and then proxy them straight out of GrowFX.  So then your final output from GFX would be 1 mesh of the trunk and early branches + however many unique Proxies you chose for the final branch systems.  It would mean major poly savings and very lightweight trees, I think?

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