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Making Sprite Cards from GrowFX models for games


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I wanted to share a new set of videos I've just released that demonstrate taking some GrowFX models and converting them to sprite cards for use in game. The videos are not about GrowFX specifically, but the first gives a shout-out to GrowFX and are probably useful for anyone else working with games.



There is another video on that channel going further on the scattering front.

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Thanks Eduard and Mith. I absolutely love GrowFX. There are some GrowFX models in some levels I'm working on. But this was an opportunity to show people how to do something that I'm asked a lot: adding foliage to a scene that won't kill a game. Even though computers are faster, RAM is cheap and video cards are getting better all the time, using sprite cards will probably continue to be an important optimization for many years.

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