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A Bunch of Residential Renderings

Jason Stewart

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Great renders, nice solid modelling. I am in the same boat as you as far as Vray. I still end up doing most of my stuff in mental ray because I get lazy. 


www.viscorbel.com offers some great reasonably priced tutorials on vray materials. The material libraries come with the tutorials, which in itself is worth the price. 


did you use a plugin for the roofs or did you model them manually?

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Thanks!  Yew i have seen most of the free stuff on Viscorbel.com but haven't committed to paying for any of their tutorials yet.  It has been a transition from MR to Vray for me but I seem to get better results with less effort and best of all no shading issue that really were challenging for me in Mental Ray.  Actually most of the building is straight from Revit (we draw everything in Revit anyways) and then I clean it up in Max and add little detail that isn't practical in Revit add materials and site components and render away.


I did the barrel tile roof in the 2nd one manually, then I discovered Atiles (http://www.avizstudio.com/tools/atiles/).  I am using the free version and it has all the features I need specifically you can use instanced geometry and it can apply random materials IDs by element so it works quite well (would be even better with vertex colors but I didn't see that in there).  You can also use a spline to make holes/cuts in a section for more complicated roofs, this is helpful because when they are generated you can only really use 4 points to create the shape but we all know that is probably not that likely on more complicated structures.

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