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Affect weak/strong axis of a cross-section


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'Affect weak axis' control for direction modifiers.


Would it be possible for GrowFX to do this:

1) Measure the x and y distance away from a cross-section

2) Find the direction to the shortest distance (thus determining the weak axis)

3) Weight the modifiers result to affect the weakest axis?


This would be great for adding more natural deformations to long, slender geometry like leaves, blades of grass, etc. There could be lots of uses, actually.


Hopefully that makes sense, I'm struggling to define my thought accurately.



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In the GrowFX it's there, but it works by another way. Note the Orientation for leaves (available in Vector direction and Wind animation modifiers) is used mainly for the leaves. When on, the leaves will rotate along its axis to the plane where it can bend.

Of course, there maybe need more options, because sometimes leaves a very sharp rotated, and it's not natural...

We'll think about how to implement your request.



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What I usually do to deform something only on one axis is to add a vector orientation direction modifier to y at 100% the add a noise modifier with the x at zero or the y at zero (depending upon what axis you would like to get deformation along)  I think this is what you asking for, also Eduards suggestion will work too and it is only one button click, so I would give that a shot first.


hope it helps :)

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