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Random Crashes :(


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I get lots of random crashes here. Three times in about an hour.

Sometimes I just open the Graph-Editor and then GrowFX hangs and 3dsmax 2014 shuts down. It can't even write a recovery file. Other times I was adding a new direction-modifier. It aain hangs, did nothing, then I tried to add the modifier again, 3dmax crashed.

Using latest Beta Version.


Thise non-reproduceable crashes are most annoying. For users as well as a developer.



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They were gone for some reasons. It was a file write error from 3dsmax. The 3dsmax devs contacted me because I sent in error reports regular. No idea what those caused. I only got the error with growfx plugin. When it auto-saves or I manually save. 


Now we have a new growfx version plus a SP3 for max.  I hope it is gone.

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