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Meta-Mesh Displacement testing


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Hi All,


Here is a test of the new metamesh displacement option added on the last beta version [Thanks for all your great updates Eduard!!]

I also used a technique I developed to get some realistic bark on the trees so the displacement is not as visible as I would have liked. I'll post an update without the bark so you can see the displacement better.

C&C welcome



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The images look really realistic! Good job! How long did it take you to put this up altogether? 

There was a few hours  of testing different things & seeing what worked & what didn't, but now I know what I am doing it should only take 15-20 mins to make stuff like this.


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Holy moly how did you do that Jamie? :o

Like you said in the other thread "You could try using a second GrowFX object for the bark that uses a surface distributor on the trunk of the main GrowFX object."?

So the trunk consists of different objectives? And how did this work with the displacement? And the bark ships are leave-meshes? Your example looks almost like photoscanned, so realistic. So many questions.....pls share your wisdom  :D

Cheers tobi

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