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Scattering Plugins

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I guess I'll need a dedicated scattering solution soon. Basically I want to convert GrowFX plants to VRay Proxies and populate huge scenes with them. From what I've seen both ForestPack Pro and MultiScatter look capable and very similar. Does anybody have any experiences to share regarding these two plugins (or others) and the differences between them? I know there's also CarbonScatter, but I haven't been to happy with E-On in the past. Any help is appreciated.



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I use Forest Pack Pro almost daily for exactly what you are talking about. I love it. no complaints. I use it for putting in planting beds, cars, people, etc. It is easy, fast, and does everything it is supposed to do. I have never had to use their support but the site is very well organized and I have never had any problems getting to my software or installing.


I also bought Railclone from itoo-soft and would likely buy anything else they develop :)


      I have never used Multi-Scatter so i really cant speak to it's usefulness. If they have a demo you should try it out. I-cube makes some good plugins. I own "splineland" and It is a great  piece of software. hopefully someone else on here can give you more insight into Multi-Scatter. 

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Thank you very much for your replies! I'm tending towards ForestPack right now.


MultiScatter explicitly mentions being fully multi-threaded on its website. I'm assuming the same for ForestPack (Itoo doesn't say) since you mentioned that it's fast.


Eduard, I already saw that offer - very tempting. Do you know if it's only available for a limited time? I might still need some time to make up my mind...

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That's a good question. I saw the "multithreading" feature on the Multiscatter site. I am not entirely sure what this means in terms of the programs functionality. If you have some time you might investigate where this would be beneficial. From the site it looked like they were comparing the multicore tech to vray-scatters single core.


I just looked at I-cubes site again and didn''t see any option for a demo. If they do offer one I would be curious to see how Multi-scatter handles surfaces and object painting. It could have a leg up on Forest Pro in those areas but I cant be sure without access to some sort of demo.


Forests surface detection can be buggy at times, but In general it's minor and may well be user error. All in all I would still say Forest Pro is a safe bet. I have never had any regrets regarding my decision to buy. It is one of my favorite plugins and saves me tons of time.


good luck :)

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I wanted to add that I've bought Forest Pack Pro about a month ago and have (so far) not regretted the decision. The plugin does what it promises and I'm able to populate huge terrains with plants (produced with GowFX of course). I've even scattered dirt roads with 3D gravel because I've been too lazy to paint the textures. It's really amazing just how many instances and overall polygons it can render. There are a few more options and features I'd like the plugin to have, but nothing major.

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