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Point distributor, layer on/off


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Maybe there is work around for my suggestion.. I would like to suggest that there be an on/off toggle for point distributors. The issue I have with not having this option is that if I have in my scene 50 point distributors the scene becomes very heavy to work with while modifying mesh, leaves for example. It would be much easier to toggle off 49 distributors and work with 1 distributor for mesh modifications and then turn the 49 back on after modifications are complete.


If there is work around for this I would very much appreciate the tip 



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Just create a new distributor, and add one distribution point. Then, turn on/off your distributors, ie turn on the distributor with 1 point, and turn off with 50 points. And vice versa.
Nevertheless, we'll add this feature... Thanks!

Yes...this is actually an important part of an efficient work-flow.

Always have a copy of the distributor that is able to be changed/manipulated very quickly so that you don't waste time waiting.

This is also a useful technique for really high poly trees as well......just make a copy of the path that is slow to view to one that gives quick results

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