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Looping issues

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I know this been discussed in 2018, and most threads seem to indicate that it has 'been fixed', but i'm having trouble getting my tree to loop seamlessly. It is close, but enough of a glitch to be noticeable. I have added wind to all relevant branches and leaves etc with a looping period of 100 frames. Running PAL 25 frames per second. What am i missing?

I am left to assume that perhaps the Wind System (Perturb speed and vector) is possibly causing the glitch? 

I am very new to using GrowFX so i can only assume that it is 'user error', but i just cannot get the loop to work. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Hello Creativefinger, the problem is as you assume when you use perturb speed, perturb vector or decay in wind helper settings, it is also mentioned in growfx manual.


Looping Period

Specifies the looping period.

For the correct looping animation, don't use the Perturb Speed, Perturb Vector and Decay options in the Wind helper settings.


Have a nice day.



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I'm no maths genius, so i won't be resolving this issue with my intellect.


Having had a quick read over the manual..... it is my assumption that there is absolutely no way to control the 'perturb' settings. You can only loop if you remain within the 'wind object group' parameters? 


I have attached half of the animation. I gave up waiting for max to generate the preview but believe me when i say it doesn't loop.

The perturb settings certainly create a nice random affect on the leaves. If i don't use these settings, the leaves just sway with the branches. looks very unnatural??

If anyone has found a trick to loop (with perturb), please let me know.

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Hello, yes it depends on the goal you want to achieve, when you composing your shots with camera and need it to be longer, than it is at the cost of more frames without looping and you will end up with massive cache file/s

Here are the wips of bamboo with looping:


FIrst wip1 setup 25fps  100 frames total, looping on, not used axial rotation for leaves and other optional settings inside wind rollout window





Second wip2  with use of axial rotation for leaves, playing with other settings, you will end up with long hours of tweaking each path of your plant and find out correct stiffness, flexibility, scale freq. etc              



wip 2 (it do not look so smooth here in player inside forum, it is  60fps  and 200 frames total, looping on




So at the end, growfx is perfect tool to acomplish your creative vision, but it is expected from us to be at least basic mathematician  :))   I am really thankfull for Eduard for creating this great toy and maintaining a develop further the code.


Happy FX-ing 



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