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Random Generator Value Question


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I am trying to create a tree species that includes different life-cycle phases inside the single GrowFX rule set. What I am trying to do is create a randomization of these life cycle elements. For example:


  • Saplings
  • Young Trees
  • Middle Age Trees
  • Old Trees
  • Dying Trees
  • Dead Trees


Ideally I want to expose Public Paramaters so that the user can control the percentage of these. For example:


  • Saplings 25%
  • Young Trees 15%
  • Middle Age Trees 10%
  • Old Trees 5%
  • Dying Trees 20%
  • Dead Trees 25%


Furthermore, I would like to be able to change the material IDs of each tree based on this rule set. In fact, I want the phase (Sapling, Old, Dead, etc) to be able to affect the entire hierarchy of that particular tree (so every level of a Sapling tree will know to use a consistent sapling material ID set, etc). Not only IDs, I'd prefer to be able to make some paths non-spawnable in some cases (like maybe the dead tree skips the leaves paths, etc.)


Is there a sample of something like this already?


Thanks in advance.

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