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branch offset on Z-axis


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On the other hand, for such distribution you can use an additional path. See my example and screenshot...
And I think there will be more options for customization.
But it can be used for straight trunks only. But we also plan to add a Copy direction modifier, which allows you to use this method with curved trunks...
I think it will be the best solution for this problem, what do you think about this?






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Hi Everyone,


We've developed the Copy direction modifier! Here's how it looks...

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.







There used only the Leaves mesh builder:





Example of using the Radial offset graph:





And your example:






If anyone wants to try this version, please contact us by email...



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Hi Eduard, i found a strange thing. i try to make example2 , i setup all the parameters as same as example2.but i got some different result. 

I made it in growfx 1.92 .

Hi, most likely you forgot to turn on the Start instantly in the Path distributor parameters...



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