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Growfx Convert To Mesh by Animation

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I saw a video while back and cant find it again, but in that video a process was shown where you can animate growfx seed to frames and then export them to mesh by using Tools>Snapshot and using a range of how many different versions you want of a plant. But I cant seem to animate the seed now or I am not doing it properly. Can you please tell me if there is a way to do it. 

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Hello Usman,


Yes, it seems possible to animate the Seed value, but it doesn't update during the animation, and it doesn't update the object.
We'll fix this in the next upgrade.

Thanks for your bug report!


Now you can try using this script to create 10 models (for example):


gfx = $
iseed = gfx.Seed

for i = 1 to 10 do (
	snapshot gfx

gfx.Seed = iseed



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I tried using the script on the selected growfx and it doesnt work and comes back with an error. 



-- Unknown property: "update" in undefined
-- MAXScript callstack:
--    thread data: threadID:33256
--    ------------------------------------------------------
--    [stack level: 0]
--    In top-level


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