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[SOLVED] The Scene XRef file: "" can not be found

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I've renewed my GrowFX license for 2.0, and tried opening a scene I made more than a year ago. Upon opening the scene, however, it gives me the error as presented in the title.

The GrowFX node still exist in the scene, and as far as I can tell the node information is all still there. It simply won't display the GrowFX nodes.


I'm 100% confident that there was never an XRef file in the scene (I don't work with XRef). I need this scene to function properly again to generate new variants and lower poly ones as well. Is there a way to get this functional again? Thanks in advance!




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It's not that it can't open, but it won't show the trees. Solved.
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Also, when I unlink the first red node with the blue one, and then re-attach it, the scene freezes for a few seconds and then hard-crashes (with the option to try to save the scenes before closing Max).


Yeap, I tried numerous things (also tried rewiring one of the nodes at random with lines on instead of meshes). Just insta-crash. It feels as if this scene is somehow busted. Not what I hoped to see when re-installing GrowFX. I hope my scenes aren't just gone and I'd have to redo everything... :unsure:

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I was eventually able to fix it by creating a new GrowFX 2 object, copying the node information from the old object, and pasting it into the new one. It functions exactly the same as when I last saved it, so for all intents and purposes this issue is fixed. If you still need the scene for testing the error, I saved the new scene under a different filename. Just let me know and I can send you the file.

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