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Explode to Mesh Per Plant


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I would love to see a utility in GrowFX that would allow me to create a snapshot of each plant in a GrowFX node. By plant I would mean the complete mesh for each path up to the top parent.


For example, in the image here, there is one GrowFX node. There is one root Point Distributor that then spawns 5 plants from 5 points. Each of the resulting meshes from those 5 root distributions would be turned into a single mesh with its pivot aligned to the transform of that plant.




It would be nice to have this exposed as both a button in the modify tab as well as exposed to MAXScript.


In a MAXScrtip call it would be nice to have:


<node> GrowFX2.GetMeshes() returns array of the nodes created from the function.


Thanks for the consideration! :) 


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Awesome. I cannot believe I didn't notice that!


I would like to propose an option to make that function have the ability to set the pivot/transform of each object to match the position/orientation of the distributor point that made each object? Right now the pivot matches the pivot of the GFX object, and this isn't ideal for assets exporting into a game.


Also, is the method of that button exposed to MAXScript?

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Posted (edited)



In this example, there is one GrowFX object using a Point Distributor. There are three point distributor Points that create the yellow cones. The objects that are created have a pivot that is where the GrowFX node was (world origin in this case). When I moved them away, notice how the pivot is not at the object base, but offset. I'd like the pivots to be where the original distributor spawn was (base of each cone). In the case of a point distributor, I'd like the position and orientation to match that of the point helper that the point distributor used.


Hope this makes sense. 



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Edited to make more clear.
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