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Random Direction Modifiers


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I think it's better to develop a plugin texture, which will divide the bitmap into equal parts using the input gradient, for example,from vertex colors.
What do you think about this? Today we'll try to develop this plugin...

Sounds awesome Eduard!

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Hi Everyone,

We pleased to announce that the new plugin-texture is ready... You can download and try. Any comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome...
Download links:



How it works:


I hope everything is clear. A detailed description will be later.



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What can I say?... after so many days working on this all I can say is THANKS! HUGE thanks!! This can literally save me HOURS of work! This is the best buy I've ever made to 3dsMax!


And just for the fun of it, here's how the coconut tree is looking textured (NOT USING THE PLUGIN EDUARD DEVELOPED):


@3DMK - I'm going to post the GFX file so everybody can take a look. I expect lots of newbie mistakes pointed out so I can improve, ok?!

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Thanks so much for the latest awesome feature Eduard!! ;)

I think this is a huge time-saver & really helps to add heaps more realism.

There are so many ways you could use this plugin, it even works on ANY objects/geometry that have vertex colours, not just GrowFX objects. :)


It is working fine with no bugs [as usual].....I even tried it in a vray material & it works fine.





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