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Growfx2 Animation Crash


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Hi everyone,


Newbie here, I'm trying to do an animation of growing leaves but I'm experiencing some crash with GrowFX 2.0 in 3dsmax 2021 once i start animate the grow(frame 1700-1750) and can't figure out why... . It crash when rendering, and also when caching, i already merge the file into a new one but problem seems to stay. Maybe there's something i don't see... .


Thank you in advance for the help !



My config :

Ryzen 9 5950X

128go Ram



Software :

3dsmax 2021.3


Corona render 7




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i think issue here is 5950x  beacuse i had similar issues with my 3950x. i noticed more the threads more ram it uses to alocate resources to each thread . so  ram gets divided into  32 threads  i.e 4gb max per thread  for 128 gb ram . now to solve this i switched multi threaded option [SMT] off  in bios  [SMT] , in 1.9  using all threads was   optional  so it was possible to allocate only single thread for caching .......again its my theory and nothing based on solid foundation  

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