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Work On Individual Branch?


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Hi all,


I am struggling to visualise my tree as the branches are filling the screen and I can't quite tell what each is doing as I struggle to orientate myself. So, I was wondering. Is there a way to isolate a single branch structure to be able to make fine detail refinements, and then un-isolate to work on the tree as a whole? If not, this would be an awesome feature! We isolate things in our scenes all the time to work on them better, so why not elements on a tree/plant?


Look forward to hearing from you!



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Hi Andrew,


You can add the Path position distributor for first level branches, but temporarily disable the Path distributor for this level. This way you'll have one branch for the first level. The position can be set to 50%, or any other.
After tweaking your branches, turn off PathPos distr and turn on Path distr again.
The same can be done with other branch levels.



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