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Growth Animation of Custom Trees

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I have an issue that I'm facing. Any help would greatly appreciated.

I have made a tree growth animation using growfx. The client requires an extensive garden to be grown from scratch.

For this we will be requiring the growfx file to be converted into a mesh with animation, and then as a proxy, to be used for scattering with forest pack.

I tried to export the animation with GrowfX's built in cache system, but that only gives out a gfxcache file, which is useless. I tried applying a pointcache modifier to it, and record the animation, but point could fails as the vertex count increases with each leaf being added and branches grown. Please advise on how to export my GrowFX file for this purpose.

I have attached the file below.


Thanks in advance and Warm Regards.

ACER palmatum_Bloodgood02.max

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Hi Eduard. Thank you for the prompt response, and I'm really sorry for such a delayed reply. I was busy in a very important presentation preparation.


I have used vray proxies exports for growfx and forest pack many times before, it works. But this time my requirement is different. I need to export the animation in an FBX format, or a gltf format, or any such. The client needs the growth animated trees to be uploaded on a web app, from which potential clients will select and compose a garden to their liking. For this they require me to provide them with a 3D files of the product as well as an animation of the garden. 

I have searched far and wide and have come to know that Alembic files support a morphing animation where the number of vertices is changing. But an .abc format (Alembic) is not supported on OpenGL\ three.js . I need to find a solution where I can export the point cloud from growfx and\or export out an FBX/OBJ/glTF/ etc. 

Any advise and help would be greatly appreciated.

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