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GrowFx 2 jitter in leaves

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i downloaded tree  file from 

- I opened it in max 2021 

- animated branch_01 length from 0 to 250 

- grabbed viewport and animation is smooth 

- converted it to growfx 2.0 

- now when i grab viewport  animation , leaves are very shaky - please see attached videos


this is also happening in other   tree i am working on 

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18 minutes ago, anujraghav said:

Sorry to bother again but is there any estimate on the fixed release date ...I am working on a project and this bug has already cost me 2 days of RnD and because project is on  version 2 moving back to version 1 will again be like working from scratch 

Thank you 





I don't know exactly how long it will take to fix this.

As a solution, you can set Levels = 1 in the Path distributor node.  But then you need to copy the path with all accompanying nodes, to keep the multilevel branches.



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