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Angle divergence/ Path Distribution

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Hi there,


I have tried for many years to create this style with no success...so thought it's about time I just ask!


I often need to create vines that grow up fences etc, and it would greatly help if the branches that originate from the main stem would grow as I have uploaded on my images here. As if from the top, the branches emerge 180 degrees opposite from each other (I would then obviously randomise this slightly).


Generally I will create a normal distributor, or Point distributor for the stem, and then a Path Distribution for the branches (Circular type usually). 


My issue is, that 'turn axis', 'angle divergence', and 'start vector: angle axis' all seem to do the same thing, and no matter how I try I can't get the effect I want. I have read through the help docs, but to be honest they are limited in explanation and I'm still unsure.


So I would be very grateful if someone could explain how to create the explained scenario. I'm positive that it is very simple indeed...obviously not simple enough for me though! :unsure:


Many thanks!




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