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Numeric spinner does not appear in Public parameter

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On 11/29/2022 at 4:42 AM, 1622207717 said:

I use the Chinese version 2023, the same problem, growfx2.01

From the thread's creation day on March 2021 and your comment posted on November 2022, it's a year and a half since the devs didn't fix this minor bug. I'm interested in buying GrowFX but based also on other bug thread's negligence of response i'm a little skeptical right now.. I know it was the pandemic..but now its not! There are also some crypto promoting posts that looks like there is no moderation too. At least if the devs are SO busy, a little response of type "we are looking into that" or "in the next release...".. or anything in general  would make no harm.

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4 hours ago, 小饰X said:

Today, I found out that I have such a small problem all the time. I use the Chinese version of 3d max, and the English UI is also not displayed


Hello 小饰X,


I tried running the Chinese version of 3dsMax and no problem, everything is displayed fine, see my screenshot below.
Maybe you have some display settings or fonts? Although GrowFX evaluates both font sizes and screen settings, and adjusts the UI according to these parameters.





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