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Growth direction


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Hi, I purchased GVX a few days ago and have been experimenting with the various options. Love the plugin and can see how much I'll use it going forwards.


I've bought some plant models including the GFX presets and have been using that to learn how each modifier works but I'm struggling at one point. My aim is to make a climbing plant and have managed to get the branches to follow a frame that I created. I'm now trying to get the final branches and leaves to point in one direction away from the wall as but I can't seem to make it happen with any of the direction modifiers. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?





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Hi AMD11,


You can use the Vector direction modifier with the Another target surface option, but for this create a surface with a large number of evenly spaced vertices, as in the example below. Just the Vector dir modifier will look for the closest vertex and create a direction vector along its normal.





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To follow up on this thread I have another major issue, not sure whether I should have started a new thread.


I set a frame as the ObjectReact and this is fine while using it in the active session. As soon as I save/close and reopen, the GFX object doesn't connect to any ObjectReact any more. It also won't connect to any object at all. If I delete the ObjectReact modifier and set up a new one it still won't connect to an object.

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