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Playback with cached anim from grow fx is choppy


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I created an animation loop


We have a terrible playback, extremely choppy when using the play button from the timeline with the growfx cache. Basicly useless for review.

When scrolling manually through the timeline it works smooth and fine.


What this means is that we are unable to have a real-time review of the animation we cached


Please advice



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It's not about the plant, or scene... It's about 3D Studio Max 2021 viewport performance with Grow FX anim.cache combined. It flunks on all Grow FX objects.


If you can tell me that you are able to have smooth playback with GrowFx anim.cache in 3D Studio Max 2021, that's sufficient for me. Can you?

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40 minutes ago, Drendir said:


So is it 1.9 or 1.9.9 SP9? :)


I checked the latest version 1.9.9 SP9 in 3dsMax 2021 and it seems the animation plays smoothly after writing the cache.


How do you build cache, with One File or One File Per Frame?
I recommend using One File Per Frame because it allows you to use all of your PC's cores.


If you have too large files, then the system may not play them interactively, and there may be some slowdown.

The cache is mainly implemented for faster rendering when building the plant is very slow.



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