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GrowFX 1.9.0 Beta version is now available


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Hi Everyone,


We have prepared a new beta version, it's available for customers only.


What's New in GrowFX 1.9.0 Beta


+ Added the After Mesh modifiers feature. This will allow apply direction modifiers after calculation mesh. For example, the wind animation will now calculated very quickly, in some cases in real time;

+ Added ability to copy components (Distributors, Modifiers directions and Mesh builders) as instances;

+ Added a new parameter Seed offset for all modify directions;

+ Added new option Disable all MetaMeshes in the Preference parameters. This will allow more easily configure your trees with metameshes, all metameshes will be presented as cylindrical mesh. Don't forget to turn off it when finished;

+ New feature for MetaMesh: Stop stitching by Radius. This will allow more easily optimize the calculation of metamesh;

+ Added a new parameter Angle axis for the Leaves mesh;

+ Now it's possible to change the order of color components in the Vertex Color;

+ Added ability to apply one of several presets for any curve controls.

+ Improved algorithm for HardBend modifier;

+ Display the pathname of the *.gfx file on UI.

+ Some minor bugs are fixed.



After Mesh modifiers feature:





Seed offset:





Disable all MetaMeshes:





Stop stitching by Radius:





Angle axis for Leaves mesh:





Added a buttons to change the order of color components in the Vertex Color:





Curve presets:





Display the pathname of the *.gfx file:






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Hi Eduard,


thanks again for this great update. :) The AfterMesh modifier works like a charm, great stuff !




Here would I like to report a few "points", not really bugs but mostly things to know or missing features.



- Pathname of the gfx file is not kept when copying (shift-move) or instancing an object.

Also it doesn't appear in the Asset Tracking list, which can be very annoying if you need to switch to a network path for rendering.



- when instancing a tree, strange behaviors appear when selecting or moving the instance.

For example, from the "Tree A", I create an instance "Tree B".

-> If I click once on "Tree A", "Tree B" is selected but "Tree A" remains unselected.

-> If I click a second time on "Tree A", "Tree B" gets unselected and "Tree A" is selected.

-> If I click on "Tree B", nothing is selected.



- when saving a animated tree, using a Wind Animation, it looks like the Wind object is also saved. Its a very cool feature, but it would be really useful to be offered the choice (when opening the gfx file) to choose or not to import this wind.

Also, it would be great to detect if a Wind object with the same name or same parameters exists and maybe use it as default.

I set up a few different trees with the same Wind object and saving them as separate gfx files, and when gathering and creating them in my main scene, I ended up with 150 Wind objects with the same name.


Not a big deal, but just a couple of things users have to figure. ;)



Hope this helps for the future of GrowFX, and I'd like to thank you again for the great and fast support you provide. B)

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