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Exporting animation

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Is there any ability to export animations?


Also, having done some quick testing in the demo, I have a very simple tree (trunk that bifurcates into two branches, no leaves). I applied some wind, and it wiggles as expected. I'm using the metamesh, and I notice that the lovely crotch geometry is pulsing as it moves, essentially rebuilding each frame. Is it possible to bake out/fix the geometry on a path before animation is applied?



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Hi Kris,



You can export the animation of GrowFX as any other geom object in 3ds Max.


In the new version (1.9.0) we've added the After Mesh modifiers feature. This will allow apply direction modifiers after calculation mesh. For example, the wind animation will now calculated very quickly, in some cases in real time. Also this feature solves your problem with metamesh...

This version will soon be available, but if you want I can send it to you for testing. Just tell me your version of 3ds Max? Also 32 or 64 bit?



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It seems that a previous Velocty element problem will be solved if Wind animation is added by new After Mesh modifiers.

in fact, "After Mesh modifiers" was got to know by this thread.


Hi Yuji,


Yes, I too think about this :)

I'll send you also the latest version for testing...



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