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GrowFX 2.0.0 Node Missing a DLO

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Hi Eduard,


When I send a job to the render node, I get an error that is missing growfx_old.dlo. I saw that the installation of GrowFX_RenderNode_2_0_0_Beta_3dsMax_2018_Setup does not install this plugin. How can I get around this error?


By the way, great software, I am more and more comfortable using it.



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Hi Diego,


Most likely your scene contains models created in version 1.9.9.
You can do the following:
- Convert all models to version 2.0.
- Install the 1.9.9 Rendernode first, then rename GrowFX.dlo to GrowFX_old.dlo in the installation folder. Then install version 2.0 Rendernode to the same folder.



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