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Getting an existing GrowFX object with MaxScript?

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I'm trying to get an existing GrowFX object and edit it using the commands here: https://exlevel.com/growfx-manual/MaxScript.html


I realize there's a constructor, but that assumes I want to build a new object/paths. Is there a way to just use an existing object in the scene and modify it with MaxScript?


(and sorry if this is a simple question, just learning programming!)

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using the name you should name it

gfx = $`growfx001`

if you have spaces in your name, you get errors without those Grave key ( ` )

another way is:


then your selection is saved to your varialble q (examplename, you could name it something else), this is much faster than working with your selection  ($ == selected object)

you also have also access to your object if you haven`t select it.

for example if you have a sphere

q.radius gives you the sphere radius.

to get the posibilities what commands you can do without looking into help

you can use:

show q

then you get printed out a list of commands available, but growfx do not  show it`s functions, like the others do and not everything is implemented (like those affect thingys)




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