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GrowFx 2.0 for non liscence users

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I want to know how grow will work for the non liscence users. I'm asking that course now there's a way to block the access to the graph editor. So I immagine that only the exposed parameters will be accessible for that person without the copyright permission. But in earlier versions of the GrowFx without a license was impossible for someone to work with a lot of models on the scene and each model had some paths restrictions. How it will work for the GrowFx 2.0

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Hello Igor H Mello Castanho,


We have a demo version for GrowFX 2.0 almost ready. And soon we'll release this version and you can try it.
There will be the same restrictions as in version 1.x:
- Convert to editable mesh will be locked;
- Copying the GrowFX object will also be blocked;
- It's impossible to create more than 5 Path nodes, but you can create other nodes in any number.
- Will also be limited to a 30 days trial period.


Accordingly, with these limitations, you can try the node editor to the fullest to understand how it works.



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Got it now. Are you distributing your models and want your customers to be able to change some settings?
We've not decided yet, but we're thinking about releasing GrowFX Lite version, which will not have access to the node editor, but the user will be able to change the parameters that you created on the main panel using the Public nodes. But most likely, this version will also be paid, but not expensive.


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