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Crash when applying wind animation using instanced geometry


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Hi Eduard, it's 1.9.9 SP9.  on Max 2020
I tried replace the instance geometry leafs with the standard leaf mesh and still crashing. So perhaps there's some paramaters that's causing it.

Or even worse my files 'corrupted'. I tried save presets and load presets to a new growfx object, still the same.

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4 minutes ago, DrewC said:

Hi Eduard, here's the file. Whenever I add the wind animation aftermesh on the leaf it just crash.

I wonder if there's something incompatible with the in-house tool in my machine.

growfx01.zip 231.73 kB · 1 download


Hi DrewC,


Ok, now I see the problem. Tomorrow we'll investigate this bug and try to fix it.


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16 hours ago, Terri Brown said:

Hi Eduard,


I'm having the same issue..I'd posted about it here. I'm using GrowFX 1.9.9 SP10. Was this supposed to be fixed with SP10? It's definitely my Wind that is causing the crash.


Please help.




Hi Terri,


I posted this in August 2020, so this fix is included in 1.9.9 SP10.

Please send me your scene file, I'll check it.



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