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Is it possible to export without losing the hierarchy?

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I'm looking into methods of creating trees for an indie game dev project. I want to be able to pivot paint my trees within 3DS max in order to achieve realistic wind animations (using the Pivot Painter 2.0 maxscript provided by Epic). I decided to have a shot on one of your free example trees - however simply detaching all meshes results in a chaos that is essentially impossible to arrange in a logical hierarchy of trunk>branch> branch>leaf etc which is required in order to be processed by the script. Is there any way to export the tree without combining the meshes into one object - and keeping that logical parent/child hierarchy?

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The GrowFX 2.0 "Preference Parameters" rollout has a section entitled "Creating Hierarchy".  In this section, one can select "Create Hierarchy of Meshes" to get a complete, fully linked, mesh hierarchy.  As well, it appears that all of the pivots are appropriately placed and aligned.


Kudos to the GrowFX development team for implementing this feature!

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Hi stig,


I am using the GrowFX 2.0 version that supports 3ds Max 2023.  The first image shows the rollout which contains the button.  The second image shows the results of clicking that button.  I have tested the resulting hierarchy with PivotPainter 2.0 and it works great!  Quite a nice addition to the plugin.  Opens new possibilities :)




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