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Deviation modifier breaking path length affects modifier


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Hi. I'm having a problem: Basically the path position of primary branches can no longer be affected by the trunk's path length after putting a deviation modifier on the trunk. Full description:


I was setting up a tree for growth animation (not so much for animation, but so that I could get its every age out of a single tree preset). I followed the video tutorial you hosted but made some additions. So I created a path length affect for the trunk and connected it to the starting position of the primary branches. The point was that a small tree would branch out very soon, but the large tree should have a very long trunk before any branches (like a tree in a dense forest that has to grow high and strait and has a much smaller leaf area than a freestanding tree).The branches are basically pushed upwards during growth. The affect was set up like this: Trunk: Parameter: Length => For length between 0 and 30 m the primary branches would be affected by 0,2 to 1,0, meaning branches would start from position 10 to 50 %. This worked fine and as expected.

But as soon as I put a deviation modifier on the trunk the affect curve ceases to have any effect. Only the first value (0,2 in this case) has any effect, the rest of the curve is completely ignored.


Is this the expected behaviour or am I missing anything? Any help would be appreciated!




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