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Wind Intensity By Height or Path Position. Is it possible?

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Is it possible in Growfx 2.0 to control wind's effect based on height or even path position?


Essentially I'd like to reproduce the real-world effect in which wind is stronger at the top of a tree than at the bottom. Currently my tree's leaves and branches move at a uniform intensity throughout.


There are inputs by most of the parameters within the Wind Modifier node, but I couldn't find any documentation explaining what they control.

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Hi white_wizard,


Apologize for the delay in replying!

You can create an Affect node from Parameter: Path Position from a distributor node for the main branches, and from this Affect node create a connection to the Stiffness or Flexibility of the wind node. Also don't forget to add a Curve node with a falling curve for the Factor parameter of the Affect node.


Or you can adjust the Decay radii for the wind fan helper, and position this wind fan above the tree so that there is a large radius at the bottom and a smaller radius at the top of the tree. Radii can be large to cover more trees if you have more than one.



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