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Affect Curve Repeat Parameter


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I am working on a horsetail plant and run into a problem. To achieve the segmentation of the plant I connected a curve to the cylinder mesh radius and set the Repeat parameter to 40, as shown in the screenshot. I want the segmentation of the plant to get narrower at the top of the stem, so I tried to affect the the repeat parameter using the path position and a curve, as seen in the screenshot aswell. However it does not seem to have any impact at all. I am not sure if this is a bug or whether it is my fault. But I hope someone can help me to either fix this setup or come up with another solution.

Best regards




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Hello Aron,


As I understand it, your affect gets data from a distributor of child path, so this will not work. I think it's better to use the old way, creating separate segments.
So try to create such a node graph:



Here's the result:



I already have a new version, and I'm attaching a max file for max 2020, I hope you can open it: 




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