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metamesh the program runs for a long time about 30 minutes


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from what ive gathered it only runs on one core at the moment.

I Still get a pretty quick result though (around a minute usually).

I try to do the following :


* keep trunk and branch segments at around 4 to 6" or bigger if you can pull it off without looking bad. I also set my minimum face size to around 4 to 6". the idea is to make your faces as big as possible and still get the look you want. The bigger the faces the faster your meta mesh will calculate. But bigger faces means less detail so their is a balance to be achieved.


* I also use "stop stitching" to make sure I am only calculating the branches I have to.


* I only use meta mesh on the trunk and major branches, and I try not to uuse more than 1 level for all paths that will be converted to meta mesh


* lastly I would say to make heavy use of the right click "convert to meta mesh" function. Try to get everything the way you would like in cylinder mesh then convert only at the end.

also "manual update is your friend on very large trees :)


good luck :) hope it helps


I can post an example later if it would help.

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I quickly ran into that problem, too. ptrain03's suggestions certainly help.


About implementing multithreading in metamesh creation, eduard said in another thread:

"Yes, we have not added yet support for multi-threading because Metamesh algorithm works sequentially, ie there each new face depends on previous faces."

I understand that it might be difficult to have several cores working on one metamesh "welding point". But if a path object consists of seperate paths that never meet (like many branches being distributed along a trunk path) it should be possible to calculate these sub-paths simultaneously instead of one after the other? It might not be considered fully multithreaded, but I think it would be satisfactory if it could calculate several independent (sub-)paths at the same time.


Metameshes look so good that it's a real temptation to use them on the whole tree... :)

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