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Wind animation on instanced plants

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I'm wondering if anyone has any insight as to how this works?

Basically I add some wind to a plant, then instance that plant around the scene. Do the new instances follow the exact animation of the original? or do they each try and resolve the wind based on the distance / orientation of the fan?? or do they try to do that, then try and resolve their shape to each other since they are instances and go nuts???

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Hi Sajith83,


Yes, you need to copy GrowFX objects as copies (not instances) then it should work correctly. But if you copy them as instances, then there will be a conflict between the GrowFX objects, because the wind generator is located in different places.
We also fixed some bug in the wind modifier for version 1.9.9 SP9, and soon we'll update all versions on the server.


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Hi Eduard,


Do you have a recommended workflow for Growfx and Forest Pack when working with wind animation?


I haven't gotten the chance to render my scene as an animation yet so I can't confirm this, but I did set up my growfx trees with forest pack and wind and noticed in the viewport that (while extremely slow) it did appear as though the forest pack instances were updating based on the wind transformations.

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