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Growfx tree .vrmesh export porblem


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Hi guys, i am exporting an animated plant from max as a vray proxy and importing into modo as vray proxy. At certain frame the plant explode(scales randomly, please check below image/video, also this explode is only visible with motion blurr ON). Dont know why is this happening, when i exported the same animated plant as alembic file and imported into modo with vray proxy it all looks perfect at all frames. I would have used alembic as proxy to work around now, but problem with alembic is that, each plant generate its unique material IDs and when i have example 3 plants having same materials, each of plant after export gets unique material name leading to 3 duplicate materials in the scene.Does anyone have faced such issue?,let me know if there is any workaround.Also i have exported exported from latest max 2021 and latest vray on max



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