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Guest Nildo Essa



Great work on the new mesh builder :)


I wanted to know if there is any change with regards in the animation part of this amazing plugin..basically i was hoping of a much sinplified version of the UI where u can EASILY setup wind animation for the brnachesm without having to go thru all those confusing steps of linking certain parameters to get the effect of animation...


if not, would it be too dificult to implement that?


would be GREAT if one had just one spinner (or whatever) to increase and decrease wind effect on the whole tree or just the leaves or just the branches...



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Im finding the new meta mesh feature very very slow. Is this the same for other people ?

Yes, currently it's a slow algorithm, since we couldn't make it fully multi-threaded. We have made only in a separate thread an algorithm for building a simple cylindrical sections (without neighbors).


Maybe in the future we'll change this.



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In the global meta mesh settings I set the iterations to 1000 and still get good results in much less time, Also instead of just adding applying a mesh at default face size (1" i think) I changed it to around 3 or 4 then copied and pasted it into the mesh parameter of the new path so that I wouldn't have to apply the default settings and optimize after the fact. Another time save is the stop stitching option. I have been setting meshes to stop stitching around 20 and this appears to save allot of time as well.

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