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help with this kind of branches


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you should just be able to do this with deviation.

for the longer branches you could make the angle higher, like 80 or 90. Then add a deviation modifier. You should uncheck deviation by angle and manually add a deviation of something like 20 or 30.


Then you can add another path. Make it distribute on both the main path and the longer paths. This one would be pretty short in length. Then add a second deviation modifier on both the main path and the longer paths. Make this deviation use the third paths angle for the deviation angle ( checkbox ). 


I will upload an example file for you this afternoon. 


Hope it helps :)  

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I apologize, I forgot to upload a model for you. It was a busy week !


Whatever Edward says give that a shot. He literally built the program :)


I took a shot at the plant. It was surprizingly tricky.  One thing that was really helpful in this build was the count% slider. I used it to randomize where leaves and flowers showed up. I also used the "erase" modifier to do some last minute cleanup where branches were intersecting or just looked strange. For variations of this plant just hit the "New" button until you get something you like. 


If you have any questions about setting please post and I will clarify.


Hope it helps,




vase flowers.max

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