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3dsmax2013 crashing opening scene : re-enable calculations ?

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I recently upgraded from max2012 to max2013, and my scene now crashes at opening.

I used the "Disable Calcutions" utility, it works great and my scene opens, but I don't know how to re-enable the calculations (I only have the gizmos in my scene)



- When launching 3dsmax, it prompts me "The calculation in GrowFX is disabled. Do you want to enable the calculation?" If I click Yes, it crashes.

- Back in 3dsmax2012, I deleted all the GrowFX elements to check that the scene correctly opens in max2013 (it does) and to be sure that the issue is related to GrowFX.



Thanks for reading.


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Maybe one of your GrowFX-objects is configured incorrectly, as a result, perhaps allocated a lot of memory. Of course, when you enable the calculation, you get crashes.

Try to disable the calculation, then check all the GrowFX settings. Maybe some of the parameters creates very hard model...


If the problem persists, please send me your models (you can delete other objects). We'll try to find the cause of the problem...



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