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Treeline Animation

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I'm trying to come up with a solution to create a treeline, with very subtle but noticeable animation.

I'm under quite tight time constraints, so i'm debating if this is achievable in a short time frame with GrowFX.


is it possible to batch convert a group of animated growfx trees to vray proxy? (takes too long to individually create proxies for each tree in the treeline)


be good to get any thoughts on this



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Hmm, depends on how tight your timeframe is exactly. You might look at forest pack by itoosoft. you can do this sort of thing without it, however it will kill your ram if your scene is too large. You really only need a few trees that just repeat with random rotations and scaling. You can do this with scatttering tools built into max as well (object paint) but honestly if you do this sort of thing often you should look into forest pack. it will make your life much easier, carbon scatter may also be an option for you, but I cant speak to its usefulness as I dont have any experience with it currently. Also, there always the option to leave this effect out of the visualization entirely, sailing into new territory under a tight deadline can sometimes end in disaster :) Good luck!

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