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Plate leaf options...?

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I've been using your software for a long time and love it! I just had a quick question about a potential feature.


I do almost all of my leaves with Opacity Maps and flat plates. Sometimes, though, the flat plate isn't that realistic for foreground trees. I was just wondering if you'd ever consider adding a feature where you could do leaf plates that have a variable for resolution (number of polygons per plate) and perhaps bending or cupping amount? I used to use Onyx and that is the only thing I miss about it. I know I could probably do this with instanced geometry, but it would be so sweet to be able to have Opacity Mapped textures assigned to plates that were made up of 4 polygons rather than just 1 flat one. It's amazing how much realism a slight bend adds.


Anyway, you guys do amazing work. Cheers!



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Hi Dan,


I understand you use only the Standard leaves?

Try to use the Leaves mesh builder. To make 4 polygons, set up your leaves as follows: Set the path length equal to 6 cm, and the Steps = 3 cm. Your path will have only two segments. Then add the Leaves mesh, and turn off the graph for the Length, and turn on the Without central edge, this will make your leaf as square with 4 polygons. Then adjust the direction modifiers as you like...



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Wow! That works like a charm. I was only using Standard, you are right.


Is 'Vector Direction' the best way to cup the leaf along its length to curl it? 'Angle Across' cups it the other way, but I'd be curious if there is a way to do that in the other axis.


Thanks for the great support!



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