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Error Message with network rendering : GrowFX's newer version

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I'm running into troubles with network rendering.

I'm using 3dsmax 2012 and backburner, Vray 2, GrowFX 1.8.6 and GrowFX Rendernode 1.8.6


On some computers, rendering work fine, but on several others I got this message at 3dsmax's launch : "This file was created by a newer version of GrowFX".


I'm using tree models I made with GrowFX 1.8.0.




Thanks for reading

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Hi Eduard,


the versions are the latest, but I finally found the problem.

Some trial versions were previously installed and then uninstalled, but it seems that the directory (C:|Programs\Exlevel\etc.) has not been completely deleted.

As the rendernode is installed in the same directory, maybe there was a kind of conflict ?


So : I uninstalled rendernode, I then manually deleted the directory Exlevel\GrowFX for 3dsmax etc. and reinstalled the rendernode.

Seems now to work. :)






(sorry , I realize I didn't post in the Technical section. :mellow: )

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