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Fan Coral

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I'm having a bit of trouble recreating "fan coral" using Growfx. Making the basic branching structure and controlling the scaling isn't a problem. I just can't seem to limit the growth to one axis, especially if I want to make the growth structure slightly randomized, since the Random Direction modifier can't be limited to one axis. I've had some success using the "Radial Direction" modifier, and limiting the "branch" level's Turn Axis to 180, but since I can't add chaos to the Angle Bend on the Radial Direction mod, I still get very rigid and exacting shapes.


If anyone has any ideas or examples, I'd be very appreciative. :)


This is a very simple, wireframe example of the basic shape I'm trying to achieve.

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Hi Levi,


Here is a quick run at fan corel, not perfect but I hope it helps :)


I did what you did as far as making the Turn axis 180, for the lower branches I I made the axis 360, as I did not want any downward branches. For some reason the start vector on the distributor panel has 25 chaos checked by default so that would have to be unchecked in order to stictly limit your growth. Instead of using the random direction modifier you can use the noise modifier, just be sure to check the graph button beside the strength parameter otherwise the bases of your braches will become disjoined from their origin.


Good luck

fan corel.max

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