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Converting animated growing tree (growfx) to Vray proxy

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Hi there,


First off I'd like to say that you guys have an exceptional piece of software here! It has been doing wonders for my production these past two days.


I'm running into a problem when converting a GrowFX tree (animated to grow from a sapling to an adult) to a Vray proxy (vrmesh file). When I right-click on the GrowFX object in the 3ds viewport and hit "Vray mesh export", it will get past the first two frames and then lock up. This is with "convert to mesh/spline" enabled in GrowFX.


Is it even possible to convert a GrowFX tree that is animated to grow (thus change geometry) to an animated Vray proxy?


Scene file with the GrowFX object I'm trying to convert is attached.




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