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Unites Problems

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I'm having a problem with the unites in growFX.

My units insde 3ds max are set up in meters and everything is fine. But everytime a create a new "Distributor", it appears gigantic. What i did was to rescale the GrowFX object by 0.1 to bring it to an normal size. The problem is, when i add for example a path distributor it's huge again. It's really not fun to work with..


By the way i'm pretty new to the plugin so i might do something wrong, i would appriciate it, if somone could help me.



Best Regards,



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Hi Marcellus,


I understand that you've a Display Unit Scale and a System Unit Scale in meters?

As in these screenshots:



If so, then GrowFX creates a Length of path = 100 system units, and Steps = 1 unit. Accordingly, it will be Length = 100m, Steps = 1m.
Then, you need to specify these values manually for new paths.


You can also rescale your GrowFX object in the Preference parameters.



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